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A Closing Kmart In Suburban Idaho Sold Supreme T-Shirts For Only $4 [Updated]

Cop or drop?
What a steal. Photo: Cokeslurpees/Imgur

What a steal. Photo: Cokeslurpees/Imgur

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On Sunday, Reddit user Cokeslurpees took to the online forum to showcase a recent haul from a closing Kmart in Coeur d'Alene, Idaho: Supreme T-shirts for only $4 each — a fraction of the shirt's original cost, which can go for $32 to $40. The user copped the whole stock, consisting of long-sleeve and short-sleeve tees in light yellow, white, teal and green. Though Cokeslurpees's first instinct is to call this Supreme find fake, the watermarked tags prove that these shirts could very well be the real thing.

So how did the streetwear brand end up on the shelves of a suburban Kmart? Reddit users speculate that the haul is made of up American Apparel blanks that were likely part of Supreme's Fall 2016 and Spring 2017 collections. (However, the New York brand usually keeps its suppliers under wraps.) i-D Australia says it's fairly standard for big-box retailers to purchase liquidation lots from companies that are just about to shut down for good. "The cut-price bulk-buys can easily be resold for a profit," reports i-D

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And since American Apparel announced at the beginning of this year that it would close its Los Angeles headquarters, as well as all of its U.S. stores, chances are a small batch of shirts never made its way to Supreme to finish its production run. Usual protocol requires retailers to cut off the tags of its acquired inventory, but these T-shirts were left unscathed. Now, a humble Kmart in Idaho has become one of the most talked-about retailers in the streetwear realm on a Monday morning. The American dream!

UPDATE, Aug. 2, 8:20 a.m.: After a lucky shopper's discovery of Supreme blanks over the weekend, other streetwear fans tried their own luck at local Kmart stores around the country. Highsnobiety reported on Tuesday that even more T-shirts were found, according to posts on Twitter and Reddit, and pieces are already on sale on eBay for up to $60. But by Wednesday morning, Highsnobiety says both Supreme and Kmart are now taking charge on the retail snafu, as the big-box retailer made sure to cut off all of the tags from its T-shirt inventory.

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