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When It Comes to U.S. Brands, American Apparel Is a Huge Hit On ThredUp

Plus, top buyers and sellers of New Balance items differ between red and blue states.
Photo: Andrew Burton/Getty Images

Photo: Andrew Burton/Getty Images

ThredUp recently released a report on its most popular American-made brands, and topping the list is American Apparel. The online resale platform has reported an uptick in "surging," or in layman's terms, buying from customers, since February of this year, and, according to ThredUp, the brand's popularity among shoppers hasn't budged yet. 

The timing of this jump sounds about right, as American Apparel had announced in January that it would be shuttering all of its retail locations. The online site has also noticed an American Apparel uptick among sellers, especially from those who live along both coasts of the U.S. And in political findings, ThredUp says the brand is the most popular American-made label among left-leaning or blue areas, as of the 2017 election.

Another interesting piece of data comes from New Balance, which ThredUp names as another top U.S. brand among both buyers and sellers. Specifically, the majority of New Balance buyers hail from red states, while those purging the brand from their wardrobes tend to live in blue states. That's not much of a shocker, considering New Balance's PR nightmare last November: The sneaker company had praised Donald Trump's trade policies, which drew negative reactions and a somewhat unofficial association with Neo-Nazis.

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