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Behati Prinsloo Steals Husband Adam Levine's Deodorant Sometimes


Behati Prinsloo and Adam Levine, professional good looking couple, are adorably relatable, it turns out, despite all that good looking-ness. They, like many other partners, share certain beauty products. That's one thing I found out about the model's beauty routine when I got on the phone with her to discuss her new campaign for luxury skin-care brand SK-II. The Victoria's Secret alumna and new mom appears in a digital campaign (complete with a Youtube video) alongside Korean singer Choi SooYoung and Chinese actress Li Qin, wherein all three women discuss their "personal journeys" with the brand's Facial Treatment Essence

Because I've never been one to turn down the opportunity to get skin-care tips from a supermodel, I jumped at the chance to ask Prinsloo about her personal beauty routine, how it's changed since she's become a mom (to her first child, daughter Dusty Rose, last fall) and what medicine-cabinet items she and her fellow professionally good looking partner share.

Behati Prinsloo for SK-II. Photo: Courtesy of SK-II

Behati Prinsloo for SK-II. Photo: Courtesy of SK-II

Why did you choose to partner with SK-II, and why did you want to be a part of this campaign?

I just love what they're trying to tell women, that they can transform their skin. I've always thought that clear, beautiful skin makes any woman more confident, and confidence is such a beautiful thing. So being part of this campaign and going on my own transformation journey with my skin — using the bottle for a month and kind of seeing what it does for me — was an interesting take. 

Can you tell me a little bit about what your usual skin-care routine is like?

I wash my face every morning and every night. And now I use the Facial Treatment Essence right after that, it's kind of the first thing that I put on. A lot of women refer to it as 'miracle water,' and it's been amazing for my skin. I have kind of dry skin, so I feel like it locks in the moisture and tones it — it does a lot of different things in one bottle, which I like. And then after that I'll use an eye cream. If it's daytime I'll put on an SPF, and if it's nighttime, just a regular moisturizer.

It sounds like you keep it pretty simple. Is that kind of a new development since you became a mom? Did you used to have a more elaborate routine, or has this kind of always been your thing?

I think before I would definitely take longer. But being a mom, everything just gets shortened. You don't get as much time to do it, but I feel like the time that I do have for myself is really nice. SK-II is such a luxury brand, so when I do use it I feel like I'm taking that extra little bit of time for me.

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I know you must travel a lot for work. Is there anything you do when you travel to keep your skin in good shape?

When I fly, I tend to drink extra water to keep hydrated because the flying definitely dehydrates you. I usually take a thick cream with me, and then I love taking the sheet mask from SK-II. I've actually been using that a lot because it's super moisturizing. When I go to sleep or something on the plane I'll put it on and just lay there for like 30 minutes with it on? and I really feel like it does make a big difference.

Is there anything else you bring with you or would never leave home without?

Definitely a good lip balm. I can't travel without it, my lips get so dry. I hate it. I love a rosewater spray. I also like coconut oil, which you can kind of get anywhere in the world, like a pure coconut oil. That's a really good body moisturizer for me. I even put it in my hair sometimes if my hair kind of feels damaged.

Husbands and wives often end up sharing their beauty products. Is there anything that you and Adam share or that he'll steal from you?

He definitely uses my facial moisturizers a lot. He doesn't have one that he buys for himself so he always steals mine. And then I sometimes use his deodorant if I can't find mine, because I somehow always misplace mine. [Laughs] It's so stupid. Sometimes I'll have a cooling mask on or something fun at night when we're watching TV, and he'll be like 'I want to try that!' so I'll put some on his face. Those are kind of the fun things we share. 

This interview has been edited and condensed for clarity.

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