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Charli XCX Makes A Pink Powersuit Look Totally Carefree

And weirdly perfect for sunbathing.
Photo: @charli_xcx/Instagram

Photo: @charli_xcx/Instagram

Here are a few things that suits have typically been associated with in the past: Power. Masculinity. Politics. Hillary Clinton. Bankers. Serious people. Wealth. Here are some things suits have not typically been associated with: Helping you achieve your most chill self. Being the ideal "I just wanna soak up the sun" garb. Looking extremely youthful.

Here's the thing, though: clothing only has meaning when the people who wear it imbue it with that meaning. Which means that all of those former associations with suits are ones that are easily overturned if, say, you're someone like Charli XCX who decides to make a pink suit your let's-hang-out-in-a-park look.

The "Boys" singer did just that today in Berlin, opting to pair a wide-legged Pepto Bismol pink suit (not quite millennial pink, but adjacent enough to be on-trend) with a black midriff-baring tube top, black and white Puma creepers and a metal choker. The combination of bright color, athletic trainers and a little bit of skin-baring are what keep this suit from feeling stuffy. Consider it the perfect outfit in which to think about boys, go sunbathing or write your next chart-topping single.

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