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7 Danish Beauty Brands You Should Know About

And they're all shoppable right here in the U.S.
Danish model Josphine Skriver backstage at Pucci Spring 2014. Photo: Imaxtree

Danish model Josphine Skriver backstage at Pucci Spring 2014. Photo: Imaxtree

French girls may get most of the attention, but there's also something to be said for the spare beauty of Danish women. While Denmark hasn't traditionally been regarded for its booming beauty industry, that's beginning to change; Danes are seeking out ways to distill their certain no-frills approach to luxury beauty and bottle it – often in the form of natural beauty products with impressive formulas and chic packaging. What's more, many of them are exporting their beauty philosophy right here to the good ol' US of A. Ahead, seven standout Danish beauty brands that have made their way stateside — and a selection of their most noteworthy product offerings. 


Makeup artist Marianne Tromborg founded her eponymous makeup and skin-care brand in 2003 based on her own ideals, creating products with natural, therapeutic remedies that make the most of organic  ingredients while still maintaining a certain accessibility. The brand's mineral makeup products come in a carefully edited color palette of subdued hues designed to be universally flattering. Innovation is also integral to the brand, especially in the field of anti-aging

RAAW by Trice

A longtime sufferer of eczema, Trice Christiansen began studying the healing properties of plants and herbs after she experienced a severe rash, resulting from a concealer. Soon she started making her own oil, which led to a full line of organic products that she initially shared only with friends and family. But it soon evolved into a business, with a complete skin-care line for the face and body, featuring oils, scrubs and creams. The brand's standout product, Blue Beauty Drops, is an all-in-one serum and facial oil that's spiked with vitamins and antioxidants, as well as blue azulene, which helps calm irritation and redness. Christiansen is constantly expanding the line, most recently introducing candles, perfumes and scented charcoal diffusers.

Rudolph Care

Rudolph Care's products, which include facial and body skin care, hair care and sunscreen, are based on the properties of açai. The small dark berry, sourced from the rainforest surrounding the Amazon, is rich in vitamins, minerals, essential fatty acids and antioxidants. Founder Andrea Elisabeth Rudolph was the first to introduce the ingredient in modern beauty products when she launched the brand in 2009. Standout products include the Açai Anti-Aging Facial Oil, the Açai Facial Scrub Mask, the Açai Anti-Aging Serum and the range of sunscreen products, which feature SPF up to 50.


Despite the fact that the brand is only two years old, founder of Nuori Jasmi Bonnén has already accomplished quite a bit. The range of products is constantly growing — new products will be revealed later this year. Freshness is essential to the brand (natural active ingredients are notoriously volatile, and Nuori won't rely on traditional additives to keep them stable) and so new batches of the products are blended every 12 weeks. The products are even stamped with a start-use-by date and an expiration date for optimal effect. Among the brand's signature products are the new Vital-Unifier, a toner, essence and mist in one, and the Supreme-C Serum Treatment.

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After a decade-long career as an international model, Mette Skjærbæk wanted to take her insights about wellness and beauty and channel them toward creating a brand with the mantra 'No Beauty Without Truth.' She sees it as her mission to communicate to the world that skin health also comes from a healthy lifestyle. The Renew Face Brush 01 and Recharge Ionic Body Brush are the brand's most popular products, and although dry brushing is not a new technique (it's centuries old), Karmameju's brushes seem to be helping to spur its recent resurgence.

Kjær Weis

Silver compacts are the trademark of the certified organic beauty brand Kjær Weis, the brainchid of Danish-born, New York based Kirsten Kjær Weis. Having worked as a makeup artist on numerous models suffering from breakouts as the result of harsh products, she wondered what the long-term effects could be. So she created a line of organic makeup products that could compete with conventional cosmetics, and now it's perhaps one of the best-known Danish beauty brands in the U.S.

Beauté Pacifique

Celebrating its 20-year anniversary this year, Beauté Pacifique is best known for skin products that combat signs of aging and sun damage. Founder Flemming K. Cristensen's background as an engineer developing machines that diagnose and analyze the skin before and after the use of pharmaceuticals led him to eventually start his own skin-care company, and Beauté Pacifique works with dermatologists, producing its line under same quality standards to which pharmaceuticals are held. 

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