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Peak Instagirl Kendall Jenner Wore the Ultimate Instagirl Uniform

But where is her Cult Gaia bag?

If tasked with naming the ultimate Instagirls — the ones whom all other Instagirls aspire to Insta like — most industry pros would probably go straight for the Jenners. And Kendall, in specific, lived up to her full Instagirl potential on Wednesday, when she was spotted wearing a head-to-toe look rife with the Instagirl staples of summer 2k17.

In multiple photos, Jenner can be seen wearing items straight from the "how-to-dress-like-an-influencer" checklist. Let's count 'em all up, shall we?

1. Polka dots.

2. Fresh sneakers.

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3. Hoop earrings.

4. "Matrix"-era sunglasses.

For a relatively minimalist look (no jacket, few accessories, no bag), that's pretty spot on. She even earns Instagirl bonus points for appearing in said look in Los Angeles, arguably the center of the Instagirl universe.

There are, however, a few ways she could have upped the Instagirl ante. For example, she could have chosen a dress with ~funky sleeves~ in the polka dot motif, or one that had lace-up details. Or perhaps she could have layered her dress over a white bikini. And, most importantly, she could have thrown her phone and card case into a Cult Gaia ark bag — the Instagirl "It" Bag of The Season — rather than carry them directly in her hand like a regular, non-Insta-famous plebeian. So close, Kendall.

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