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Loveshackfancy Is Seeking Sales Interns In New York, NY

Rebecca Hessel Cohen's LoveShackFancy is an NYC based collection of ethereal dresses, mini skirts, tops and rompers.
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Students pursuing a Sales internship at LoveShackFancy will gain hands-on business training experience. The student will learn the company’s objectives, environment, techniques, and strategies that the sales team uses on a daily basis. He/she will be responsible to observe sales executives in each of their respective rolls. There are three main sales executives with which the student will train to gain knowledge specific to each position; i.e. department stores, specialty stores, international and domestic showrooms.

Sales interns will often shadow the Sales Director during her day-to-day routine as well as a busy market schedule. Observation may include:

  • Observing how the team preps the collection for showroom and trade show market
  • Learn about inventory management using Excel
  • Coordinate department store photo shoots
  • Shadow sales executives during market appointments
  • Attend Loveshackfancy trade shows
  • Check orders and return authorizations
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Sales interns gain exposure to the sales team’s function within the company while noting the following processes:

  • Tracking sales
  • Market research for potential new accounts
  • Building relationships with customers
  • Preparing for travel for additional markets both international and domestic

Organization and accuracy are essential to the overall success and understanding of the sales department. These qualities are highly regarded and utilized daily. We encourage a very positive attitude, and we strive to create a welcoming environment to learn these skills. This is a great opportunity for students in college to gain both school credit and a deeper knowledge of the inner workings of a sales team. 

To Apply: Please send your resume to