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Alyssa Wants to Enter Hypebeast Territory With This Off-White Denim Jacket

The combination of the bleached wash and striped sleeves is calling my name.
Off-White printed denim jacket, $630, available at Net-A-Porter.

Off-White printed denim jacket, $630, available at Net-A-Porter.

There are two sartorial staples that I am invariably and decisively drawn to: denim and stripes. Yes, this makes for a rather "statement piece-free" wardrobe — although I do tend to take more risks with colorful belts, bags and shoes these days — but not only are these items timeless, they also allow for infinite styling opportunities and often get even better with age. And every once in a while, a piece of clothing comes along that combines my two favorite things, and I'm overwhelmed with the desire to purchase it, no matter what the cost.

Such is the case with this boxy, light-wash denim jacket by Off-White that's been sitting in my online shopping cart for several days. I'll be honest: I own more denim jackets than any one woman needs, but designer Virgil Abloh has a knack for taking the basic or mundane and elevating it into something truly special. This version would set itself apart from all of the others in my closet thanks to its vintage-inspired, bleached-out shade, the frayed cuffs that gradate to a darker blue and, of course, the brand's signature diagonal hazard stripes printed in white on each sleeve that essentially double as an Off-White logo. 

I'm aware that I could rifle through some secondhand stores or on eBay to find an '80s- or '90s-era jacket of a similar shape and color for a fraction of the price, but perhaps there are some hypebeast tendencies hiding deep inside my psyche that are aching to upgrade my simple denim and stripe routine with an undeniably cool piece from an "It" brand. Or, in a more likely scenario, this is just a really awesome jacket that I know I'd wear until it falls apart.

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Off-White printed denim jacket, $630, available at Net-A-Porter

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