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21 Velvet Dresses to Kick-Start Your Fall Wardrobe

From the sporty to the romantic.
A velvet dress for everyone! Photo: Whitney Bauck/Fashionista

A velvet dress for everyone! Photo: Whitney Bauck/Fashionista

Velvet is hardly a new trend — it's been creeping into collections for a few seasons now — but it has transcended its former status as holiday dressing to become a year-round staple in wardrobes everywhere. And thank God! Who doesn't want to walk around wrapped (ensconced, even) in soft, plush velvet?

That also means that velvet dresses have evolved beyond the humble slip dress. Now, you can just as easily find a sporty velvet minidress as you can a romantic velvet collared dress. We rounded up our favorite velvet dresses currently on the market, because while velvet is a great choice any day of the year, there's no better time to work it into your closet than the chilly months of fall. You can thank us when you're feeling yourself later — wait, that sounds weird. Sorry.

Shop 21 of the best velvet dresses for fall, below:

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