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We've Cracked the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show Castings' Unofficial Dress Code

They're happening right now in New York, and we're, uh, seeing some outfit similarities.
Duckie Thot attends casting callbacks for the 2018 Victoria's Secret Fashion Show. Photo: Timur Emek/Getty Images

Duckie Thot attends casting callbacks for the 2018 Victoria's Secret Fashion Show. Photo: Timur Emek/Getty Images

At some point in its 22-year history, the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show became the be-all, end-all gig for bright-eyed models everywhere. With just 50-odd spots (many of which are reserved for contracted Angels), the casting process is notoriously competitive, to the extent that Gigi Hadid — whose genetic makeup basically established her to be a shoe-in — had to audition twice before finally making the cut in 2015. Alas, VSFS hopefuls still show up to the lingerie giant's New York City headquarters year after year with their books in hand, aspiring to at least score a spot in the runway show's more covered-up, cutesy Pink section. 

VSFS castings for the 2017 extravaganza kicked off late last week, significantly earlier than in years past, and photographers have been quick to document the gaggles of long-legged humans flocking to Ed Razek & Co in droves. In analyzing the shots, we noticed some undeniable outfit similarities among models — an unofficial dress code, if you will. Let's review it below, shall we?

1. Head-to-toe black.

It's the color of New York. It's also the color of "cool." Don't mess this up.

2. Abs.

If you don't wear a cropped shirt, how will the casting directors know you even have abs? 

3. A designer handbag.

No regular purse will do in this competitive scenario. 

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4. A blowout.

The actual runway show will likely provide hair extensions and Beachwavers aplenty, but for the casting process, you're on your own.

5. Your book, but you have to carry it in your hands.

Do not put it in your bag where no one on the street can see it — are you kidding me? 

6. The abs thing again.

7. More abs.

8. You didn't pay your Dogpound trainer for nothing.

9. If you're a first-timer, a buddy.

Surely your agency can set up a playdate. Moral support is crucial in situations like these.

10. Mile-long legs.

Wear heels to make sure everyone knows how long they really are.

11. And finally, Instagram followers.

We all know how the game is played by now. Get those numbers up as fast as you can, ladies.

Good luck to all of the models auditioning this year. May the Angels smile upon you.

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