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Hey, Quick Question: Would You Buy the Assless Chaps Victoria's Secret Is Currently Promoting on Instagram?

This, plus other queries related to the lingerie retailer's holiday shoot taking place in Aspen.

If, for whatever reason, you had any lingering doubts that butts truly were the new pants, then boy, do we have news for you! Throughout the weekend, Victoria's Secret lit up our Instagram feeds with behind-the-scenes images from their Holiday 2017 shoot, currently taking place in Aspen. Never ones for subtlety, the lingerie retailer chose to go all in with the whole down-home, "Wild Wild West" theme. And reader, this shoot has everything — we're talking husky puppies, the actual outdoors and any number of cowboy-adjacent accoutrements. In the case of the latter, this was incorporated most aggressively via a stunningly endless array of assless chaps.

For these Angels, Christmass came to Asspen early. Look, I've followed these gals for a long time, and I don't know if I've ever seen them so excited about anything as I have about these chaps. Colorado native Taylor Hill posted not one, not two, not three, but nine Instagrams of her look on Sunday with a variety of captions that included "Wild West," "Miss American Pie" and "Howdy." Shown below is "Howdy."

Not to be outdone, Candice Swanepoel uploaded a Boomerang that's just her shaking her chaps (butt).

Josephine Skriver snuggled up to a horse, who was presumably named "Coco," because she captioned this one "i'm in love with the coco."

Jasmine Tookes wore chaps.

Sara Sampaio wore chaps.

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Romee Strijd wore chaps.

Lais Ribeiro wore chaps.

Stella Maxwell and Elsa Hosk did not wear chaps.

So, here's a question: Will Victoria's Secret be selling such chaps come the holidays? I imagine they'll be in high demand after these Angels are done promoting them, because if an Angel tells people to wear chaps, people are going to want to wear chaps.

Homepage photo: @marthahunt/Instagram

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