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Alice + Olivia Collaborates With Female Artists for Spring 2018

Stacey Bendet tapped some of her favorite ladies to create the show set.
An Alice + Olivia set designed by Angelica Hicks. Photo: Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images

An Alice + Olivia set designed by Angelica Hicks. Photo: Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images

When it comes to putting on a fashion show, set design is often one of the last pieces of the puzzle. Of course designers want it to match the collection and to send a strong message about the clothes, but it's not something most designers think about far in advance.

That was not the case for Stacey Bendet's set at Alice + Olivia's Spring 2018 show, which was in the works for about a month before the presentation. Each diorama represented a room in a hotel and was designed by female artists chosen by Bendet herself. "The whole concept was to reimagine the Chelsea Hotel today with only female residents," she explains. 

"I was fortunate to work with these incredible artists," Bendet says. "I started with my friend Lola Schnabel, because she lived at the Chelsea Hotel, and then I reached out to Tallulah Willis, who did our sitting room outside the kitchen, and she said, 'I think Scout should perform and do the music room.'"

Guests were greeted by Francesca DiMattio's lobby. Lucy Sparrow designed the kitchen (reportedly putting everything together from scratch in under 24 hours), which adjoined Tallulah's sitting room. Angelica Hicks designed the bathroom with a cheeky theme; Jemima Kirke did the living room with works by Suzie Lopez. Lola Schnabel did the artist's studio, the star of which was a real plaster statue of Bendet. Blair Breitenstein, known as Blair Z, designed the bedroom, and Bendet herself designed the garden inspired by Janis Joplin, who was also a Chelsea Hotel resident.

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Bendet organized the looks in each room after they had been designed. The Instagram-friendly bathroom got the palm-tree prints and ruffly millennial pinks, while the garden got the neon-florals. The collection was typical of Alice + Olivia: bursting with prints, feminine and frilly details, and a sparkly statement tee or two.

See the complete Alice + Olivia Spring 2018 collection below:

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