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This fall, the trendiest lip colors offer [read the following in your best Stefon voice] something for everyone: There are sheer glosses for the minimalists/early-aughts nostalgists, rich chocolate browns for anyone feeling a bit on the moody side and holographics for the Instabait-loving maximalists. It's a cornucopia of makeup choices, a lipsapalooza, a veritable Golden Age of Lipstick, if you will. 

Ahead, we've culled 36 (count 'em!) eye-catching lip colors you'll want to wear all autumn long. Plus, there's something for every taste, every skin tone and every budget.

Chocolate browns

Whether milk, extra-dark or berry-tinged, chocolate hues are among the most coveted shades of the season. Their versatility shouldn't be underestimated: Deep burgundy-tinted browns (like the Bobbi Brown pick shown below) make a bold statement, while sheered out balmlike versions (such as Stila's) can become an easy neutral alternative to your basic nude.

Royal purples

If subtlety isn't exactly your thing, allow us to suggest royal purple as your go-to fall lip color. Whether it leans more amethyst or verges into plum territory, purple flatters just about any skin tone (and, as a bonus, also happens to make your teeth appear whiter).

Sheer glosses

Dig out your circa-2003 Fendi baguette and start searching for whatever makeup remnants may still be lurking in there, because lip glosses are back, baby. If you'd prefer an option from this decade, you're in luck: This time around, they're far less sticky than the fly-paper formulas of yore. What's more, they're super-sheer, streamlined and, in some cases, universally flattering (like Rihanna's Fenty Beauty iteration or Givenchy's trippy black-in-the-tube, clear-on-lips version).

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Maybe you're not much of a jewelry person? There's another way to work some bling into your look, and it's via metallized lip colors, of which there seem to be an exponentially increasing array of options. Glimmery bronzes, golds and coppers add visual interest to even the simplest of makeup looks in seconds, and you can also layer them on top of other lip colors for an amped-up sheen.


Unicorn-obsessed beauty fanatics, we're not. But that doesn't mean we can't get behind an iridescent lip color (or seven). It's hard to ignore how straight-up fun these dazzling glosses, sticks and balms are — and in the case of Fenty Beauty's multi-purpose stick, they're even practical, fulfilling the roles of both lip product and highlighter in one handy bullet. 

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