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21 Actually-Cute Belts To Try if You Want in on Fall's Must-Have Accessory

Defined waists are making a comeback.
A look from Isabel Marant's Fall 2017 collection. Photo: Imaxtree

A look from Isabel Marant's Fall 2017 collection. Photo: Imaxtree

It was inevitable: After seasons filled with oversize silhouettes, baggy, wide-leg pants and even baggier sleeves (looking at you, Jacquemus), defined waists are making a comeback.

It started with the rise of Gucci's now-Insta-famous double-G belt leading the charge back in 2016 and later continued with whatever Kim Kardashian was trying to do when she bought half of Prada's stock of corsets earlier this year. Evidence of the underdog-accessory's comeback transcended any semblance of function with this summer's most specific micro-trend: poplin shirts with "functional" tie-waist straps, as they were so often described. And now that you can't scroll through Instagram without seeing a matching houndstooth suit cinched at the waist, there's only one logical conclusion: Belts just might be fall 2017's biggest trend.

Still, if you're someone who acquires belts solely by buying pants that already come with them (guilty!), finding one that doesn't seem too try-hard might feel like an errand. Ahead, we found 21 actually-cute belts — and, okay, fine, a couple styles that some might refer to as a "fanny pack," and they would not be wrong — that'll look just as great with a pair of cropped flares as they will tied around your power blazer. 

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