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'Elle' Russia's Latest Cover Was Edited to Look Like An Instagram Post

The social media platform has taken over literally every aspect of fashion — including print magazine covers.
No, this isn't an Instagram embed or screenshot — it's Elle Russia's October 2017 cover. Photo: Elle Russia

No, this isn't an Instagram embed or screenshot — it's Elle Russia's October 2017 cover. Photo: Elle Russia

Remember the days when fashion bloggers were people who actually ran blogs, rather than people who were mostly famous on Instagram? Or even before that, when you had to rely on actual paper magazines to get your fashion news?

Yeah, we barely can, either. The internet has changed everything about how fashion is consumed and how information about it is disseminated. And in recent years, Instagram has become one of the biggest parts of that, serving as the one-stop place where designers can turn to cast models, editors can discover new brands and news outlets can break news.

It makes an odd sort of sense, then, that Elle Russia would choose to create a cover for its October 2017 issue that looks just like an Instagram post — complete with brand tags and hashtags. Magazines are constantly posting images of their print covers to their Instagram feeds, so why not do the reverse as well? The 372-page issue is all about technology and the future, according to a Google-translated version of the Russian site, and the Instagram-look-alike cover featuring Candice Swanepoel was intended to nod to that. This is not the first time an international magazine has modeled its cover after social media, however: In 2009, Vogue Italia released a Twitter-themed issue shot by Steven Meisel, and back in March, the title chose to go with an e-commerce-inspired editorial and cover shoot, also by Meisel. 

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"After experimenting, we decided that the best way to express the idea is to imitate the post in the most popular social network... Instagram," the cover's creator, digital artist Ivan Annenkov, told Elle Russia. "I was satisfied with the process and the result."

Take a peek at Annenkov's process below.

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