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Hey, Quick Question: Is 'Petrol' The Next Trendy Hair Color?

If Fendi's Spring 2018 runway was any indication, the answer is yes.
Models on the Fendi Spring 2018 runway. Photo: Imaxtree

Models on the Fendi Spring 2018 runway. Photo: Imaxtree

Welcome to our column, "Hey, Quick Question," where we investigate seemingly random happenings in the fashion and beauty industries. Enjoy!

The rose quartz hair makeover at Alexander Wang notwithstanding, the beauty aesthetic at the New York shows often tends toward "cool girls" with lived-in hair and no-makeup-makeup, rather than a "more-is-more" look. However, we can always expect a bit more done-ness (and quirkiness) from hair and makeup on the European runways. Take, for example, the teal comb-overs with coordinating eyeliner models sported at Fendi's Spring 2018 show. Hairstylist Sam McKnight referred to the shade as "petrol," an inky hue that transforms from one model to the next. It's a look to be sure, and it begs the question: Will so-called petrol — or teal, or navy or some mermaid-like shade of blue-green — be the next trendy hair color to take over our Instagram feeds?

Each model on the Fendi runway wore a slightly different version of the shade, depending on their own hair and skin tone. (It's worth noting that only the models with straight, long hair received the swaths of teal or navy, while models with curly hair, Afros or pixie cuts wore their natural textures, sans color.)

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While not exactly subtle, there's something surprisingly appealing about a blue hair color. And surprisingly versatile, too: Whether a mellowed-out navy, a bright aquamarine or more of a mossy tone, it looked edgy and cool, but not at all out of place. Perhaps the key to success with such an off-beat shade is to wear matching tone-on-tone makeup, à la those major cat eyes?

You could also argue that it would be impossible to find a hair color that the likes of Kaia Gerber and the Hadid sisters couldn't pull off. But all things considered, this whimsical one reads as especially pretty on the runway.

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