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Harry Styles Merch Is Here and It Is Perfect [Updated]

We need literally all of it.
Hairstylist Lou Teasdale in Harry Styles merch. Photo: @louteasdale/Instagram

Hairstylist Lou Teasdale in Harry Styles merch. Photo: @louteasdale/Instagram

When Harry Styles announced he would officially try his hand at being a solo artist, our first thought was, "Oh my god we can't wait to hear what his new sound will be" — immediately followed by, "He's going to have the best merch ever."

Styles's tour started up Tuesday night in San Francisco, and judging from the pics of the merch coming in on social media, we were 100 percent right. The main motif for Actual Angel Harry Styles's tour merch? "Treat People with Kindness," a slogan splashed across tees, pins, notebooks and sweatshirts. Using your sold-out tour to spread a positive message? We aren't sure what we did in this timeline to deserve Harry Styles, but we're glad we did it. 

For those aiming to wear Styles's face 24/7 (who amongst us?), there are also options which carry over the millennial-pink photo shoot from Styles's first album. One that's bound to sell out every night is a black-and-white style individualized for each tour date — maybe don't throw that one in the wash too often. It's going to be an heirloom when Styles is a legendary superstar in another 30 years. 

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It doesn't appear any of the merch is currently available on Styles's website, which means if you want to get your hands on some, you'll have to hit up one of his tour dates. But good luck: Tickets for his Radio City gig are going for upwards of $275 on the secondhand market.

UPDATE, Sept. 20, 2017, 4:45 p.m.: Great news! It looks like much of the merch is now for sale on the official Harry Styles website. They still don't come with the experience of hearing Styles's angel voice live, though. Sorry. 

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