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The Spring 2018 Runways Have Spoken: Safety Orange Is the New Millennial Pink

Proceed with caution.
Calvin Klein, Chromat, Fenty Puma, Sies Marjan and Tom Ford. Photos: Imaxtree

Calvin Klein, Chromat, Fenty Puma, Sies Marjan and Tom Ford. Photos: Imaxtree

Last August, former MTV writer Darcie Wilder tweeted about the sudden abundance of a very particular salmon-y shade of pink within the fashion and graphic design spheres. The tweet went viral, soon after spawning a myriad of think pieces about why the hue — dubbed "millennial pink" — had become so ubiquitous. In the time since, and as the millennial pink teeters toward eruption, the industry has anointed a number of colors as its replacement, including pineapple yellow, dreamy lilac and a minty fern green. But we're here to submit a different successor, safety orange, as evidenced by the Spring 2018 runways in New York.

We first spotted the blinding brightness in Tom Ford's collection on Wednesday evening on a sporty, glossy tracksuit that stood out from the rest of the range's more elegant neutral tones. Then came a high-necked dress at Calvin Klein, a bodycon and bralette at Chromat, a slinky tank at Sies Marjan and, of course, at Rihanna's Fenty Puma, the latter of which leaned into the color and leaned into it hard. Not only did the color comprise a number of head-to-toe looks on the runway, but it also made an appearance on linings, toggles, caps and even a few boots. After all, what Rih says, goes, so if you had absolutely any doubt that safety orange was going to hit it big by spring, Fenty Puma just carved it out in stone. Prepare your think pieces accordingly. See it all below. 

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