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The Sneakily Risqué Top Maura Would, Lamely, Probably End Up Wearing With a Tank

Surprise! There are only two buttons.
Reformation Risqué Top, $128, available at Reformation.

Reformation Risqué Top, $128, available at Reformation.

My mom likes to joke that, clothing-wise, I can be a bit of a grandma. Admittedly, I'm not big on "baring skin," or whatever terminology might appear on an outdated cover of Cosmopolitan. I like wearing my tees, jeans and ankle boots, and that extends into my eveningwear, too. Now, for the right occasion, I do love a flippy minidress or cropped blouse, but nine times out of 10, I'm most comfortable in clothes that don't show much skin. I don't know why. I guess like to be casual. I'll spare you my Myers–Briggs results.

Alas, this slightly risqué top from Reformation, appropriately dubbed the "Risqué Top," is making me rethink my entire wardrobe — or at least my nighttime one, anyway. It has a fairly deep neckline and only two buttons, meaning that it could billow out and reveal a portion of your bare stomach. This could be a nice surprise or, should you have just eaten a fried chicken sandwich and cheese fries as I did yesterday, maybe not so nice. 

Either way, be your beautiful self, wear what you want and show as much skin as you'd like. Be free, pretty birdies! For me, this blouse is what I'll reach for when I feel good and, uncharacteristically, don't want to wear one of my dad's old T-shirts to a bar.

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Reformation Risqué Top, $128, available at Reformation.

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