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Rick Owens Got Everyone to Wear Branded Ponchos at His Spring 2018 Show

That's a first for fashion merch.

Rick Owens — he of hairball helmets, human backpacks and, how could we forget, visible dick-slips — presented his Spring 2018 women's collection on Thursday at Paris Fashion Week. While his latest range was void of the sorts of stunts that ordinarily send us into a content spiral, he was courteous enough to provide showgoers with their Instabait in a different, off-runway way. With the show set at a swimming pole, Owens left his guests with branded ponchos at their seats. Apparently things got a little splashy, because editors actually seemed to be wearing them.

Editors like The New York Times's Vanessa Friedman:

And the Hollywood Reporter's Booth Moore:

And Garage's Rachel Tashjian:

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Is this a first for fashion merch? Survey says yes. It's only a matter of time before they retail for $400 at Barneys, right next to the $195 Justin Bieber basketball jerseys.

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