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Topshop Drops Its High-Priced 'Unique' Line

The high-street label is offering "a more democratic price structure."
Dilone on the Topshop September 2017 runway. Photo: Imaxtree

Dilone on the Topshop September 2017 runway. Photo: Imaxtree

When Topshop presented its September 2017 collection on Sunday, there was something different than in seasons past: The high-street brand dropped the "Unique" label from its runway offerings. 

Previously, all of Topshop's London Fashion Week runways centered around a special line dubbed "Topshop Unique," which clocked in at contemporary price points and sold at places like Net-a-Porter. But as Topshop's business evolves in the face of recent struggles and increasing market competition, the brand is attempting to strip things back to the basics that once made them so popular. The September 2017 collection "is more an extension of our mainline fashion offering" which negates the need to differentiate it with the "Unique" label.

On the flip side, it's good news for fans of the "see now, buy now" collection who weren't willing to pay Unique prices. Because the collection is an expansion of its mainline offerings, "price points have been revised to offer a more democratic price structure allowing our global customers to buy into aspirational product at an accessible price point." Items from Sunday's runway will run from $65 to $650.

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