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Vancouver Canucks Fans Think Versace Ripped Off Their Old Hockey Jerseys

The NHL team wore the Flying Skate logo in question from 1985-1997.
The finale of Versace's Spring 2018 runway show. Photo: Estrop

The finale of Versace's Spring 2018 runway show. Photo: Estrop

Throughout our long-running Adventures in Copyright column, we've grown used to covering mega-retailers (like Forever 21 and Zara) and well-established luxury brands (like Saint Laurent and Chanel) that draw inspiration from smaller indie labels. But it's not often that we see, say, a Canadian hockey team accusing one of those legacy fashion houses of ripping off their goods — but there's a first time for everything.

On Friday, our eagle-eyed friends at The Cut picked up on allegations being made by fans of the Vancouver Canucks that Versace had copied an old team logo. The so-called Flying Skate graphic, reportedly used by the franchise from 1985-1997, bears resemblance to an image on the front of a Versace sweatshirt that's currently retailing for $1,260. Oddly, the resemblance is fairly uncanny, with both graphics featuring the brand or team name in red, yellow and black inside a circle on a slant. 

Fans of the franchise did not hesitate to call Versace out — which is only to be expected, I guess, if you come between Canadians and their hockey.

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We've reached out to a spokesperson for Versace for comment and will update this post as we learn more. In the meantime, this should give NHL fans something to think on for the next five days until the official season starts. 

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