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Meet Andrea Valle, the Philadelphia Singer Who Made Her New York Fashion Week Modeling Debut

"It adds to who I am as a creative. I’m not just one dimensional."
Andrea Valle styled by Marita Owens and makeup by Nina Pankov. Photo: Joseph Balestra

Andrea Valle styled by Marita Owens and makeup by Nina Pankov. Photo: Joseph Balestra

Though Philadelphia has always been known for its thriving music scene, it seems like more and more young artists are continuing to make a name for the City of the Brotherly Love. Industry heads could point to Lil Uzi Vert for currently paving the way, but Philly-based singer and songwriter Andrea Valle is not too far behind with her melodic tracks and lovesick lyrics as soulful proof.

Valle, who hails from Darby, Pa., doesn't come from a musical family, but among her after-school activities of choir, art, track and cheerleading, it was singing that always stuck close to her. "I felt as though I finally found something that I really love," says Valle. After graduating from high school in 2014, she pursued her passion for music professionally and released her debut EP "The Way It Goes" last year.

Andrea Valle. Photo: Joseph Balestra

Andrea Valle. Photo: Joseph Balestra

But Valle is already on to her next release and working on a new EP dubbed "Lover Girl," which focuses on different scenarios surrounding love. Unlike "The Way It Goes," Valle has challenged herself to experiment with more genres and an upbeat tempo inspired by Bryson Tiller's "Trapsoul." 

"For my first release, my sound was bit slower. I tend to do slow love songs a lot," says Valle. "But now I want to create uptempo songs that people can dance to. I'm working on adding some aspects of hip-hop in it and also house. I love house music."

We spoke with Valle ahead of her performance for Red Bull's 3 Days In Philly to learn more about her personal style, her modeling debut at New York Fashion Week and why fashion plays a major role in her musical career.

Andrea Valle for Red Bull Select. Photo: Courtesy

Andrea Valle for Red Bull Select. Photo: Courtesy

You're starting to get into modeling in addition to doing music. How has it been so far?

I did a show for Kim Shui at New York Fashion Week. She's an amazing designer and that was my first fashion show experience. It was something that I definitely want to do again. The casting experiences were a little different for me; I've never done anything like that and I'm just starting to branch out into actually doing runway. It adds to who I am as a creative. I'm not just one dimensional. I have other things that I do as well: painting, poetry, singing and modeling.

Do you approach modeling the same way as performing?

I feel like modeling and performing is the same, but each time you're performing you can be yourself. When you're a model, you have to get into what you're wearing, whether it's ruffles or lace or latex. You just have to get into the character that the designer wants you to be. It's really different, but it's also kind of the same.

What type of style or fashion pieces are into right now?

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I've been enjoying incorporating menswear into my style, like blazers and belting them to cinch around the waist. My favorite type of shoe is a platform because I love being tall. I went thrifting the other day and I got these vintage red pumps. I'm not really a pump girl but these red pumps are like a staple piece.

Andrea Valle. Photo: Joseph Balestra

Andrea Valle. Photo: Joseph Balestra

Are there any favorite fashion accounts on Instagram that you're following?

Right now I follow a lot of stylists on Instagram. My favorite one is a stylist called Little Mo Creep. Her style is based off of gothic and business wear, incorporating the two gives it a whole new feeling to fashion.

Beauty is also something that you're really interested in. What are some of your favorite products?

That's a hard question because I use so many products every day. I'm definitely really into makeup. I try new looks as much as I can. I've also been into gloss — glossy lids, glossy lips and nice a subtle highlight. I actually have to pick up some Fenty products. I've been sleeping on it.

How about hair care?

I do my hair myself. I can bleach my hair, dye it, cut it, braid it, anything like that. Right now I have a shaved head. It's also really good because I wear a lot of wigs, so short hair is really easy to pop on a wig whenever you feel like you want some hair.

Andrea Valle. Photo: Joseph Balestra

Andrea Valle. Photo: Joseph Balestra

Do you apply your personal style to your performance outfits?

I'm super picky about what I wear on stage because I want to feel comfortable. For the Red Bull show, I'm actually going to get a stylist to style me. Normally, I would just style myself but for this one I want to go bigger.

Do you think fashion plays an important role for your musical career?

It does. For instance, I see how Rihanna is tackling the fashion world and the music world. I think it's super cool that the two can mesh so well. I think the more that I'm into my music and the more things that I do with modeling, my own style is going to go international. I would love go to London, Paris, and Tokyo and see the different types of style and incorporate it into mine.

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