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Watch Anna Wintour Eat Bacon-Wrapped Pizza and Talk Smack on 'The Late Late Show'

Please have "Vogue"'s fearless leader as a guest on every late-night talk show already.
Anna Wintour and a bacon-wrapped pizza. Photo: YouTube

Anna Wintour and a bacon-wrapped pizza. Photo: YouTube

It was Fashion's Night Out on James Corden's "The Late late Show" on Wednesday: While in Los Angeles for the CFDA/Vogue Fashion Fund's annual Fashion Show, Anna Wintour — sans Chanel sunglasses — swung by the CBS lot with Zac Posen, where the trio discussed a number of topics ranging from Wintour's hirings and firings to Posen's impressive vocal abilities

As it turns out, Wintour (who now, of course, serves as Vogue's editor-in-chief as well as Condé Nast's artistic director) was once fired as a stylist because "she would never understand the American market." She described the experience as "character-building," which is exactly the kind of thing that somebody who's run Vogue for nearly three decades would say.

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The real gem of the evening came when Wintour gamely participated in Corden's infamous "Spill Your Guts or Fill Your Guts" segment, in which participants are asked to choose between answering compromising questions or consuming something entirely disgusting, like thousand-year-old eggs. Wintour, it turns out, is something of a chatterbox, avoiding such delicacies as pickled pigs feet in the interest of answering Corden's queries. The questions weren't painless, either: Who would she not invite back to the Met Gala? There's a rumor she dated Bob Marley; what was Marley like in bed?

Alas, she did refuse to rank Tom Ford, Marc Jacobs and Ralph Lauren from best to worst, resulting in a singular bite of bacon-wrapped pizza. We all make sacrifices for the ones we love.

If you're a late-night talk show host looking to spice up your nightly lineup of media-trained actors and actresses, might I recommend a famously bobbed employee of Condé Nast?

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