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BaubleBar Launches a Line of Affordable Fine Jewelry

Everything still retails for under $100.
Pieces from BaubleBar's "Everyday Fine" collection. Photo: BaubleBar

Pieces from BaubleBar's "Everyday Fine" collection. Photo: BaubleBar

To many shoppers, BaubleBar is the company best known for cranking out on-trend jewelry designs — everything from tasseled earrings to statement necklaces — at millennial-friendly price points.

But the brand wants to be more than just a disposable part of your jewelry rotation. On Tuesday, BaubleBar launched its first fine jewelry collection, dubbed "Everyday Fine," which keeps the low price point (currently, everything clocks in under $100) but adds in 18 karat gold. 

"We increasingly see our girl mixing on-trend fashion pieces with her more timeless classics in finer materials," BaubleBar Co-Founder and Chief Brand Officer Daniella Yacobovsky says via email. "She wants to be able to play with trends, but still reach for her every day go-to foundation pieces that'll complete any outfit. With our new collection, we are giving her access to both and helping her build a whole look."

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While its true that, as with most things, millennials are catching the blame for a struggling diamond industry, there has also been an uptick in women buying themselves fine jewelry, often those sitting at more accessible price points from places like Catbird. BaubleBar's new line aims to sit in that "starter" fine jewelry space, offering delicate hoop earrings ($68), layered pendant necklaces ($72) and stackable rings ($58 for one with mother of pearl and CZ stones). 

"In fine jewelry, she is looking for foundational pieces that are meant to be worn and loved for a long time," Yacobovsky says. "They are investment pieces, so the design should reflect that. We designed a range of highly wearable delicates that she can either layer on all together or complement an of-the-moment fashion jewelry piece." 

Whether a necklace reading, "I do it for the gram" will make it into a future grandchild's jewelry box remains to be seen, but otherwise, BaubleBar's simple designs and easy price points could certainly help introduce the brand's existing audience to the fine jewelry market. 

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