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17 Lip Balms That Will Save You This Winter

Because literally no one enjoys chapped lips.
Photo: @frank_bod/Instagram

Photo: @frank_bod/Instagram

With sweater (and candle) weather also comes a far less aspirational downside: chapped-lips weather. Parched, flaky, irritated lips are literally no one's favorite part of winter, and while there are hundreds of lip balms on the market that claim to remedy the situation, not all of them are created equal. We combed the many quenching, softening, hydrating and protecting offerings out there — from our favorite makeup, skin-care and natural beauty brands — to find 17 lip balms that actually work. 

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Don't worry, we weeded out all of the too-waxy balms that leave you feeling like you made out with a candle, as well as any options that require you to re-apply 20 times a day. With ingredients like agave, cupuaçu butter, shea butter and even CBD oil, these formulas bring the best ingredients to the chapped-lip-fighting game. 

Below, 17 super-effective (and pleasant-to-use!) lip balms that'll save your lips this season.

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