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Alyssa's New Favorite Fragrance Is an Update on a '90s Calvin Klein Classic

An added bonus? A campaign complete with baby Kate Moss.
Calvin Klein Obsessed for Women, from $94, available here. Photo: Ulta

Calvin Klein Obsessed for Women, from $94, available here. Photo: Ulta

The fashion industry's fixation with all things '90s is still going strong, which is good news if you're a sucker for nostalgia like I am. While I romanticize this period's aesthetic as much as the next person, I was far too young to appreciate Kate Moss's iconic 1993 ads for Calvin Klein's Obsession fragrance — shot by Mario Sorrenti in the British Virgin Islands when Moss was just 18-years-old — when they were first released. But thanks to the internet and Raf Simons, who opted to revisit the classic shoot and unearth never-before-seen imagery for the recent launch of Calvin Klein's Obsessed fragrance, we're able to witness Miss Moss's captivating beauty over and over again. (Moss also signed off on the new campaign, though the shoot reportedly made her uncomfortable at the time.)

When Stephanie attended an event for Obsessed a few months ago, she returned with a folder full of black-and-white Moss images that are now plastered all over the Fashionista office walls, as well as a bottle of the fragrance that I quickly claimed. I decided to give the scent a try and, much like my reaction to seeing Baby Kate in the new commercials, I was instantly entranced. It's fresh with an exhilarating burst of lavender that's a little bolder (and, frankly, more masculine) than I'm used to, but I've received one compliment after another and it's quickly becoming my go-to perfume for fall. Plus, it's the next best thing to being able to go back in time and experience the hype — and scandal — that surrounded this classic Calvin Klein era for myself.

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Calvin Klein Obsessed for Women, from $94, available here

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