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Two Chic Magazines About Weed Are About to Hit Newsstands

Meet "Broccoli" and "Gossamer."
Broccoli Issue 01. Photo: @broccoli_mag/Instagram

Broccoli Issue 01. Photo: @broccoli_mag/Instagram

Though marijuana is legal in less than 10 states in the U.S., the recreational drug is a booming business and rapidly-growing industry that has caught the interest of both fashion designers and beauty brands. In addition, models are cashing in on the lucrative opportunity by delivering high-end weed throughout New York City, and manicurists are even building little blunts as nail art. Weed culture was bound to have an artsy, niche magazine dedicated to it, and soon we'll be blessed with two of them: Broccoli, which was featured on on Wednesday, and Gossamer, which Business of Fashion profiled on Thursday.

Here's how they're different and also very much the same: Broccoli was founded by former Kinfolk creative director Anja Charbonneau with the tagline "by and for women who love cannabis." Expect editorials with Ikebana-style floral arrangements with weed leaves, a way-more-stylish how-to on making an apple pipe — very much unlike that time your friend Michele made one in the backseat of your car on a school night — and a very chic Instagram feed.

Gossamer is a "lifestyle-cum-cannabis publication" co-founded by former Lucky Digital Editor Verena von Pfetten and former Digg Chief Creative Officer David Weiner. (Man Repeller's Leandra Medine is also an advisor.) Expect a millennial-friendly visual aesthetic, journalism pieces that showcase cannabis in travel and food, and, of course, a very chic Instagram feed.

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Broccoli will launch at the end of November and publish three times a year, while Gossamer will officially go live online on Friday with a newsletter series followed by a biannual print publication that will debut in 2018. Broccoli will rely on brand partnerships to offer its printed issues for free; Gossamer's price point has yet to be revealed and its revenue will come from commercial partnerships with plans for retail and physical product.

Both publications will focus on building a community of highly engaged followers through social media and live events. Recently, Gossamer hosted a sold-out event at The Wing in New York City that highlighted women in the cannabis industry and featured a live tutorial on how to roll a "sensible" joint. Broccoli also promotes #WomenInWeed-focused events across the country and hosted its own get-together in Portland for the launch of a new book called "Grow Your Own." Both magazines will probably be stocked at McNally Jackson.

We're excited to get our hands on Broccoli and Gossamer soon, not only because we're ready to consume more #content centered around an interest that's become more socially acceptable than stereotypical, but also because it would make for a pretty cool flat lay on Instagram — complete with a Glossier-branded lighter, Alexander Wang rolling papers and a ceramic pipe.

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