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Must Read: Christy Turlington Burns on Sexual Harassment In the Fashion Industry, Opening Ceremony Collaborates With Kappa on Retro Sportswear

Plus, Harvey Weinstein's list of victims expands to include amfAR and its donors.
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These are the stories making headlines in fashion on Wednesday.

Christy Turlington Burns speaks up about sexual harassment in the fashion industry
The dozens of sexual assault accusations against Harvey Weinstein have opened the floodgates to a myriad of conversations about abuse in the entertainment business, as well as in other industries. As such, WWD spoke to runway veteran and women's health activist Christy Turlington Burns about her experience with sexual harassment in fashion. "The industry is surrounded by predators who thrive on the constant rejection and loneliness so many of us have experienced at some point in our careers," she said. "I feel fortunate that I did not personally experience anything traumatic, but also know that is not the norm." {WWD}

Opening Ceremony collaborates with Kappa on a line of retro sportswear 
Fans of retro-themed athletic apparel will love the assortment of old-school offerings from Opening Ceremony's capsule with the Italian sportswear brand Kappa. The unisex collection, which boasts color-blocked track jackets, hoodies and polo shirts, launches on Opening Ceremony's website on Wednesday, and ranges in price from $85 to $195. {Fashionista inbox}

Opening Ceremony x Kappa. Photo: Lissette Emma/Opening Ceremony

Opening Ceremony x Kappa. Photo: Lissette Emma/Opening Ceremony

Harvey Weinstein got to amfAR, too
At this point, it doesn't seem possible for the Harvey Weinstein nightmare to get any worse, but alas, it just did. The media mogul's latest victim, it seems, is nonprofit organzation amfAR, which is dedicated to the support of AIDS/HIV research and prevention. A new Huffington Post report explores a highly questionable transaction between Weinstein and designer Kenneth Cole — he was presumably bullied into the act by Weinstein — whereby the two allegedly engaged in an act of financial impropriety. {Huffington Post}

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Phillip Lim wants to change how we view the "Made in China" label 
Phillip Lim famously shows his tailored collections at New York Fashion Week and has become something of a fashion fixture in the U.S. Nevertheless, the designer was born in China and, while attending Shanghai Fashion Week, Lim got vocal about his appreciation for Chinese culture and his desire to counter the long-held stereotype that "Made in China" signifies poorly manufactured goods. {South China Morning Post}

Claudia Schiffer teamed up with Aquazzura on a capsule shoe collection 
Legendary model Claudia Schiffer partnered with Italian footwear designer, Aquazzura, on a capsule comprised of eight shoes styles, which are designed to highlight different points in a woman's life: "There was the idea of having shoes for every moment in a woman's life, but through Claudia's vision of life — she's a working mother, a model and many of the shoes remind her of when she lived in Paris, when she was working and when she lived in the countryside," Aquazzura designer Edgaro Osorio said in between stiletto signings at the flagship Saks Fifth Avenue last evening. The super has been a fan of the quality and aesthetically pleasing pumps throughout her career, and after meeting and hitting it off with the designer last year, they started working on a collection, which is already in stores and online in the U.S., exclusively at Aquazzura and at Saks. You can browse through the full Claudia Schiffer for Aquazzura collection in the gallery below. {Fashionista Inbox} 

Advertising executives say they haven't witnessed sexual harassment on set
We've seen the brave #metoo confessions flooding our social media feeds and it seems that now, more than ever, victims of sexual harassment and assault are coming forth — no person or industry is immune. However, when WWD asked a slew of ad execs who've worked with top photographers — Terry Richardson! — and models in the business, the majority said they haven't witnessed it. {WWD}

Hanesbrands Inc. acquired Alternative Apparel for $60 million 
Hanes brought the eco-friendly basics brand Alternative Apparel in a $60 million dollar cash deal. Alternative Apparel is expected to have a net sales of about $70 million, and Hanes' chief executive officer Gerald Evans told WWD that the addition of this brand "is a great way to create value and generate growth opportunities." No word yet as to how the acquisition will affect Alternative Apparel, but it's interesting to note that the basics brand outsources its production to eco-conscience manufacturers, while Hanes manufactures most of its own activewear. {WWD

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