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Maura Loves This Cindy Crawford Hoodie Almost As Much As She Loves the Actual Cindy Crawford

Re/Done and Levi's commemorated my favorite supe.
Cindy oversized hoodie, $260, available at Re/Done.

Cindy oversized hoodie, $260, available at Re/Done.

When I was a shy, quiet and severely unconfident young pup, my mom took up a habit of schooling me in a myriad of strong women, all of varying backgrounds and professions. For years, she'd tell me about activists, athletes, entertainers, artists, inventors and supermodels, the latter category of which I found to be particularly exciting during a period when I was first starting to get into fashion. 

Of the flock of iconic '90s supes, Cindy Crawford was always my favorite: She's an Illinois girl, like me, and even went to the same college I did — to study chemical engineering, no less! — decades earlier. But what I admired most about her back then, and what I still do now, is that she has never felt the need to compromise her femininity or interest in stereotypically "shallow" (i.e., female-facing — because the patriarchy is exhausting, etc.) industries to either prove her intellect or to be taken seriously. She (and all the supers, for that matter) spent that era flipping fashion on its head to give models an autonomy they hadn't had before, the effects of which changed the profession forever.

When Re/Done and Levi's announced this summer that it had collaborated with Crawford on a capsule collection, I knew I had to take a piece home with me; the hoodie called my name immediately. Now, I'm not normally one to drop three digits on a piece of loungewear, but I might have to make an exception — I feel as if I owe it to Crawford after all these years. 

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Cindy oversized hoodie, $260, available at Re/Done.

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