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Come Hear Dapper Dan Speak at Our New York Conference

The legendary Harlem couturier is ready to tell his story.
Dapper Dan, right, in the Gucci men's tailoring campaign. Photo: Glen Luchford

Dapper Dan, right, in the Gucci men's tailoring campaign. Photo: Glen Luchford

You might have seen him in the documentary "Fresh Dressed," or spotted his copycat drama with Gucci on social media (update: things are more than good between them now, as you can see above) or read one of the many in-depth profile pieces that followed, whether in the New York Times or Highsnobiety. But on Nov. 3, you'll get to hear Harlem couturier Dapper Dan tell his own remarkable, inspiring story at our fifth annual "How to Make It in Fashion" conference in New York City.

Dapper Dan's fashion career path has been anything but traditional — and that's exactly what has made him so influential to everyone from Alessandro Michele to ASAP Ferg, from Harlem to middle America. In 1982, he opened Dapper Dan's Boutique on 125th Street, where he famously took the logos and emblems of iconic luxury labels and reworked them for a customer base that those luxury labels weren't serving at the time — ultimately making them more relevant and helping to establish the look of hip-hop culture of that time. After 10 years, said luxury labels took legal action, forcing the shop to close. Now, 25 years later and with the support of Gucci, he's set to open up shop in Harlem once again.

Dapper Dan is the ultimate example of someone who forged his own path in fashion, and next Friday he'll discuss how he did it, the challenges he faced, the impact he's made, what he's been up to lately and what's next. We're honored to have him and, needless to say, this is one discussion you won't want to miss.

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