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Glossier You Might Be the Best Scent Steph Has Ever Worn

It's her new go-to perfume.
Glossier You, $60, available at Glossier. Photo: Courtesy of Glossier

Glossier You, $60, available at Glossier. Photo: Courtesy of Glossier

I don't consider myself much of a "perfume person" — I'm extremely sensitive to smell, annoyingly prone to headaches and as a result, I abhor probably 90 percent or more of the fragrances I've sniffed. I'm not into anything too powdery or too floral. I like vanilla, but not when it's too sweet, and I appreciate a citrus scent, but not when it's too intense. I normally go for clean, green fragrances (like this one) that evoke the great outdoors in the warmer months, and then I'll cozy up with a spicy, slightly androgynous gourmand (like this one) in the fall and winter. 

But I've never found a fragrance that I loved so immediately and so intensely that I could consider it my Signature Scent, the single perfume I'd want to wear year-round, for years to come, no matter the occasion — until Glossier You hit my desk and I took my first whiff. Damn, is that shit good.

Glossier's highly anticipated debut perfume officially went on sale today, and to be honest, a lot of the marketing schtick around it hasn't really appealed to me. Glossier has described it as smelling like "skin" which to me is incredibly off-putting and "Silence of the Lambs"-y, despite my own penchant for skin care. The product description on Glossier's website describes it as "that familiar human-y note that makes up the body of what you're smelling." TBH, that sounds gross. If you've spent any time on a New York City subway in August, you know that human bodies aren't necessarily an aspirational aroma. 

So, though I'm normally a huge fan of Glossier's incredibly effective marketing abilities, this time around, I can honestly say it was the juice itself (not the hype) that sold me. Glossier founder Emily Weiss tapped noses behind fashion-person-favorite Le Labo Santal to create it. The specific notes it's comprised of include base notes of ambrette, ambrox and musk, which supposedly "melt in with your skin" and create a creamy, salty, addictive foundation for the scent. The inviting top notes — iris root and pink pepper — are ever-so-slightly spicy and earthy, but not so much so that they overpower the base.

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It feels familiar, but not in a derivative way, just a vaguely nostalgic one. It's neither masculine nor feminine, and it's actually the least perfume-y perfume I've ever sniffed — it's more like what you'd assume a naturally good smelling person (Ryan Gosling? Michelle Obama?) might smell like on their own. In terms of other perfumes I'd compare it to, for me it's akin to a far less powdery, non-floral version of Flower by Kenzo (which I realize sounds insane, considering that is a full-on floral scent) or a more earthy take on Byredo Suede (which isn't actually available in perfume form, but makes for one hell of a fancy hand sanitizer). Overall, it's cozy and light and ever-so-slightly woody and just thoroughly pleasant and addictive. I've been wearing it everywhere lately, including to my friend's wedding last weekend, where I had the entire bridal party asking me what perfume I was wearing and trying to cop a spritz for themselves. 

So, Glossier, I implore you: Please put this scent into all of your products (or at least the scented ones, like the body wash, which I've heard great things about but couldn't bring myself to use because I detested the oppressively powdery smell of it). 

Glossier You, $60, available at Glossier.

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