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Steph Refuses to Use Any Blow-Dryer But This One

I even travel with it.
Harry Josh Pro Hair Dryer 2000, $249.99, available here. 

Harry Josh Pro Hair Dryer 2000, $249.99, available here

I hate getting blowouts. I know, I know: And I call myself a beauty editor? But for me, the whole process is boring, annoying and takes way too long — not to mention abusive to hair. That's why my idea of the perfect blow-dryer is the kind that gets your hair dry in record time. If it also happens to be compact, lightweight and excellent at creating just the right amount of bounce and volume (but not frizz), so much the better. Well, I've found that blow-dryer, and it's this cute little mint green one from hairstylist Harry Josh's line.

Of course, the guy behind Gisele's ever-enviable waves makes one of the best hair dryers on the market. It's super-powerful, spewing air at more than 80 miles per hour, and has customizable settings for heat and speed, as well as the option to emit ions (the particles that tame frizz for a sleek texture) or not (if you're going for body and volume). There's also a cold-shot button that actually produces cool air (whereas most other blow-dryers only feature a button that turns off the hot air). All of that sounds pretty impressive, but the more impressive thing is this: It actually works — better than any other blow-dryer I've tried.

It gets my damp hair dry in no more than five minutes (not an exaggeration), and it does so without exacerbating frizz or static, both of which my hair is prone to. I've become so used to it that I now loathe being stuck in any situation wherein I have to be subjected to a different dryer. I also travel with it, even if it's only for a few days, because it's simply just that much better than any other tool. It's also pretty small (maybe 3/4 the size of your average blow-dryer), so I don't feel that insane sneaking it into my carry-on.

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Harry Josh Pro Hair Dryer 2000, $249.99, available here.

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