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Everything We Know About Kim Kardashian's Forthcoming Fragrance So Far [Updated]

First: The campaign imagery is [insert fire emoji here].
Kim Kardashian's KKW Fragrance campaign. Mert Alas and Marcus Piggot/Courtesy of KKW Beauty.

Kim Kardashian's KKW Fragrance campaign. Mert Alas and Marcus Piggot/Courtesy of KKW Beauty.

Kim Kardashian has been teasing the launch of her debut scent under the KKW Beauty label, KKW Fragrance, for months now. She's dropped hints on Instagram, flashing back to her "first fragrance launch," and shared occasional behind-the-scenes glimpses of the development process. But details about the debut KKW Beauty fragrance have been sparse so far. 

Here's what we do know as of now. On Wednesday, Kardashian posted an image from the KKW Fragrance campaign on Instagram, a black-and-white shot of Kardashian herself (of course) looking sexy (of course) with her current minimalist aesthetic (of course). The image was photographed by Mert & Marcus, with expertly disheveled hair by Chris Appleton and smoldering no-makeup makeup by Meredith Baraf.

Kardashian also revealed the official launch date for the scent, November 15, and urged fans to head to, where they can sign up to receive emails. (Noted and done, Kim.)

This scent isn't actually Kardashian's first foray into the world of perfume — in fact, she launched seven (!) fragrances between 2009 and 2014 under parent company Lighthouse Beauty. However, the KKW Fragrance is the only one will have created for her own company with full oversight. We're guessing it will smell very, very expensive.

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We'll continue to update this post as additional information becomes available, so stay tuned.

UPDATE, Thu., Oct. 26, 9:54 a.m.: In an interview with W, Kardashian finishes the prompt "a woman should smell like..." with "my new Crystal Gardenia fragrance." So, it's official: we have some hints about the actual notes of the scent, people! Apparently KKW Fragrance will be a floral with some sort of mystic element. Sounds like Spencer Pratt just might be a fan of this one.

UPDATE, Monday, Nov. 6, 8:02 a.m.: Kardashian announced via Instagram that the collection will include three scents: Crystal Gardenia, Crystal Gardenia Citrus and Crystal Gardenia Oud.

UPDATE, Tuesday, Nov. 14, 7:45 a.m.: In an interview with WWD, Kardashian discussed her hopes that these scents will be seen as more than just another celebrity fragrance. "I think that with the social media aspect of it, [and] being able to really reach so many people, I think it's going to work. Obviously I'm in the celebrity category, but I just wanted a bottle that was so simple that can look like it's something sitting on your counter and be a beautiful object. I tried to make it really timeless so that it can't just all be about a celebrity fragrance," she said. The perfumes will be limited edition and will sell for $35 (for the smaller, 30-ml size) and $60 (for the larger, 75-ml size). "It's the first time that a fragrance is really being sold with the model that I'm doing it at. It's really just using online sales and doing it all digitally," she told the publication. However, the fragrance line will also initially be sold in one brick-and-mortar retail location, reports WWD: Los Angeles-based beauty e-commerce site Violet Grey will carry it in its Melrose Place store.

Kardashian also discussed the inspiration behind the crystal theme of the fragrance range. "Honestly, after my Paris situation [when she was held at gunpoint and robbed], a lot of my friends would come over and bring me healing crystals, and I obviously knew what they were — it's very LA and it's very popular right now — but for me it meant something so different. I was sitting there and I'd get these collections of them and I started to really dig deeper into what they meant and the meanings behind them." For Kardashian, creating these scents went hand-in-hand with "being calm and healing" — hence the crystal-inspired flacons.

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