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The Simple Low-Heeled Boots Whitney Is Considering for Fall

Versatile, chic and ethically made — what more could you ask of a boot?
Beeza boot, $395, available at La Canadienne.

Beeza boot, $395, available at La Canadienne.

I recently made the mistake of wearing a pair of heeled boots to work that I had never worn out of the house before, and on a day when I had multiple events stretching late into the evening, no less. It was a mistake I won't make again soon: it seems I had forgotten that the reason I generally avoid wearing heels all day is that they are, um, not the most comfortable footwear in the world. Breaking news, I know. 

That said, it's nice to have a few options in my closet that feel a little more dressy than my usual (read: flat) fare. I love wearing my chunky, thrifted Doc Martens most days because I like how un-pretty they are, but every once in awhile I want something sleeker. For days like that, I think these ankle boots from La Canadienne would be perfect. They've got just the tiniest bit of heel, so even a heel wuss like myself can't complain; they're versatile without being boring and they're ethically made in Italy, too. Here's hoping they can redeem my relationship with heeled boots.

Beeza boot, $395, available at La Canadienne.

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