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The Sustainably Made Bra Whitney Wants to Wear Out of the House

All hail ethical fashion that's cool enough to go dancing in.
Sycamore top, $59, available at Löv

Sycamore top, $59, available at Löv

As I have noted more than once before on this little corner of the internet, I find it a bit frustrating that a love for ethical fashion is so often equated with a hippie-chic aesthetic. Just because I care about whether or not the cotton in my clothing is organic doesn't mean I want to look like I was born in a Whole Foods! (I mean, I'm a fan of Whole Foods, but I don't treat it like church, for Pete's sake.)

It is with delight, then, that I recently came across European underwear label Löv, which is ethically made by a family-owned factory in Slovakia with GOTS-certified organic and fair trade materials. The brand's pieces are cute and the branding — full of women who look more like your pals than like aspirational Victoria's Secret models — hooked me immediately. Admittedly, the hippie-dippy customer that most people imagine ethical fashion fans to be could probably dig the pumpkin spice-y color of this piece, too, but the high neck and grommeted straps make it just as easy to imagine myself in it. I'd love to wear this bra solo as a top with my worn-in vintage jeans, high-top sneakers and a funky thrifted jacket next time I hit up my favorite dance spot. Look for me at the bar, where I'll be trying to make small talk about ethically-sourced textiles with anyone who will listen.

Sycamore top, $59, available at Löv,

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