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Small Girls PR Is Hiring A Senior Role (Supervisor or Associate Director-Level), Consumer In New York

Small Girls PR is a unique communications firm, championing a personal approach to media relations while leveraging new media heavy hitters, stunts & creative campaigns to build buzz among consumers and influencers alike.
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Mission of the Job

To increase visibility + earned media impressions for startup clients and established brands alike at the intersection of fashion and technology.

Through creative storytelling and campaign creation, this position will be responsible for furnishing original strategies that successfully secure tier-one press results and originating & producing periodic creative concepts poised for virality.

Further, to oversee multiple direct reports, managing and professionally developing junior team members skill sets in creative thinking and PR campaign execution.

Role Responsibilities & Outcomes


  • Deliver long-term and monthly PR strategies that achieve client approval
       ○ Each PR strategy demonstrates an understanding of client goals & creative thinking (to achieve ownable moments for clients that have the potential for virality or original coverage that could not be achieved through mere seasonal/product angles alone)
       ○ Effectively delegate and collaborate with supporting team members to ensure client materials are furnished under deadline & the equivalent of the “100” emoji
  • Deliver both internal & client-facing insights with eye that captures quantitative and qualitative results - acknowledging major wins, lessons learned, and moments of impact delivered by the team
       ○ Oversee junior team members to produce campaign recaps, monthly activity reports, and case studies that support new business endeavors
       ○ Spot trends in team results and proactively suggest methods of improvement with regard to how results are both achieved as well as packaged & communicated back to clients
  • Contribute to new business as relevant client inquiries arise
  • Contribute to company as a whole through participating in brainstorms and working across teams to lend a hand or creative idea as required

Media Relations

  • Deliver in-depth top tier client coverage with an emphasis on digital and broadcast media with experience and relationships with both consumer and business media
       ○ Engineer & secure multiple pieces of press coverage for clients monthly, whether through announcements or evergreen storytelling.
          ■ Surface new storylines across top-tier relevant publications for clients.
          ■ Develop “beat” relationships with media, converting reporters into go-to contacts for the brands under your direction


  • Lead strategist, driver & day-to-day contact for multiple clients
  • Expected to advise clients on short and long term strategy, managing expectations and appropriately setting goals, timelines and deliverables
  • Manage in all directions to make sure everything runs smoothly and on track (up to manager, down to junior team members, across to clients and fellow SGPR gang members)
       ○ Provide consistent guidance and advice to supporting team members
       ○ Keep Group Director up to date on any client requests or other details as necessary
       ○ Communicate professionally and personably with clients: Client-lead on accounts, expected to drive client meetings and work directly with clients & their partners regarding strategy, opportunities, media materials and more.
       ○ Can set and meet deadlines for self & juniors and bubble up deadlines to others to ensure the larger team does so as well
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Competencies — Examples Include

  • PR Expertise -- 5-8+ years in media relations, corporate communications, or public relations with client leadership experience and proven, warm reporter relationships.
  • Quick, Critical Thinking -- Demonstrates an ability to absorb new information and draw insightful conclusions on the fly.
  • Adaptability -- Adjusts quickly to changing client priorities; copes and responds supportively to complexity and thrives on tackling new challenges.
  • Excellent Presentation Skills -- Speaks and writes articulately and efficiently in all forms of communication; presents ideas with confidence and enthusiasm.
  • Savvy Relationship Manager -- Can convey to clients or colleagues why a suggested idea might not be effective from a PR perspective (or, pressworthy) while thinking on one’s feet to present alternative solutions.
  • Culture Bridge -- Knows about trends, communities, and events before others, generating campaign suggestions that connect these emerging concepts to client initiatives.
  • Organizationally Strong -- Plans and delegates in a productive manner, focusing on key priorities
  • Efficient -- Able to work quickly without sacrificing work quality.
  • Self-starter -- Exhilarated by the opportunity to own entire projects and assignments with comfort being autonomous.
  • Creative -- Loves coming up with new and experimental ways for everything from pitch angles to events to storytelling through brand partnerships.
  • Proactive -- Acts & suggests without needing to be explicitly told what to do. Brings fresh ideas and improvement processes to the table.
  • Detail oriented -- Can spot a typo a mile away, diligent with formatting, double checks everything twice and routinely hits deadlines.
  • Strong Work Ethic & High Standards -- Willing to personally dedicate hard work and additional hours to complete a job to one’s own high standards. Expects nothing short of the best from self and team.

About Small Girls

Small Girls PR is a unique communications firm, championing a personal approach to media relations while leveraging new media heavy hitters, stunts & creative campaigns to build buzz among consumers and influencers alike.

Founded in 2010, Small Girls and its staff are digital natives who know how to speak to their tech-savvy peers on behalf of brands. By identifying narratives that are both mindful of trends in media as well as out-of-the-box, the firm has become the agency of record for large brands and helped startup clients reach global audiences. The founders have been featured speakers on the topics of earned media and influencer marketing at Harvard Business School, Forbes’ CMO excursion, UPenn’s Wharton School of Business and more.

Other accolades for the firm include:

  • Business Insider’s Top 50 Tech PRs
  • BuzzFeed’s Top Role Models for 20-Somethings
  • Effie Marketing Award Winners
  • Forbes’ 30 under 30
  • Forbes’ Top 15 Women-Led Startup Companies
  • Marie Claire’s Top 5 Young Guns
  • PR Week’s Innovation 50
  • Gary Vaynerchuk’s Top 3 Companies to Watch

The agency is up to 40+ employees and growing 50% year over year, making this a great opportunity to get in with a rapidly growing firm - with the ability to palpably architect the company’s future no matter what level you are hired at. We recently doubled our office square footage (a beautiful space that has been courted by film crews and editorial shoots alike) and acquired an agency in Los Angeles to open our doors on the west coast.

Other things of particular note:

  • One-to-one reporter communication. This means no mass BCC, no press releases, and no mail merge -- ever!
  • 401(k): Small Girls will contributes 3% of your annual salary into your retirement savings fund, whether you contribute for the 2017 year or not. This is on top of your base salary, rather than out of it, so you’ll receive your total compensation plus an additional 3% equivalent of your annual salary into your retirement savings portfolio.
  • Healthcare coverage: Small Girls offers multiple plan choices so that Smalls of all lifestyles and stages can choose which is best suited to them. For at least one of these plans, Small Girls contributes 100% of employee health monthly and scales to 80% of contribution, depending on the plan you choose. Huzzah!
  • Summer Fridays, Vacation, Sick Days, and Preventative Care Days, oh my!: Vacation days at Small Girls increase with tenure/position. Sick days are separate, and while still paid time off, do not eat into employee vacation allotment; we’d prefer our team focus on getting better and not sweat one less day of fun in the sun. In addition, Small Girls is proud to be one of the companies that participates in an annual Unsick Day - a national movement to encourage employees to take dedicated time off to tend to self-care and their health stress-free.
  • Data Plan contribution, Commuter Pre-Tax Compensation, and Media networking reimbursement: We’re investing in you doing your job.
  • Sometimes we go on retreats together, on the house. Check past ones out on Instagram at
  • Happy working environment: Fun & productive workplace, Non-competitive (employees are recognized for securing placements for clients outside of their direct domain & helping other hub teams), Everyone held accountable for supporting the team.
  • Strong Company Culture: Group Events (bowling! group yoga! themed apparel days! rock climbing excursions!) Celebrations (birthdays! accomplishments! holidays!) Employees empowered to maintain & institute culture activities (everyone picks up a piece of the SGPR pie at their own interest to put their stake in making this company the best place to be a part of).
  • Manager of your own destiny: Voting on clients, Ability to suggest & set new policy/standards for company, Skill-sharing to co-learn across teams- from event production to digital strategy to blogger relations.

To Apply: Please fill out this form and we’ll be in touch!