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Valentino Is the Latest Brand to Drop Terry Richardson [Updated]

These are all the brands that have taken a stance against the photographer in light of his many allegations of sexual abuse.
Valentino's Resort 2018 campaign shot by Terry Richardson. Photo: @maisonvalentino/Instagram

Valentino's Resort 2018 campaign shot by Terry Richardson. Photo: @maisonvalentino/Instagram

Following Condé Nast International's announcement on Tuesday that it had banned Terry Richardson from working with all of its publications, one of the controversial photographer's most regular employers has announced a similar decision. Valentino, whose accessory campaigns Richardson has been shooting since 2013, and who tapped Richardson for its recent Resort 2018 campaign, told the Daily Beast that:

Valentino's last campaign with photographer Terry Richardson was shot in July 2017 — there are no plans on a future campaign and, of course, take these allegations against Terry Richardson seriously.

"These allegations" are referring to the many sexual harassment accusations that have been made against Richardson throughout his career, but towards which much of the fashion industry has turned a blind eye — that is, until the accusations surrounding Harvey Weinstein came to light, forcing the people in power in many industries to reexamine the conduct of the people they employ. In the same Daily Beast article, Bulgari stated that it, too, does not plan to work with Richardson ever again.

Of course, Valentino and Bulgari aren't the first brands to take a stance against Richardson: Aldo, Target and H&M have all severed ties with him in the past. And hopefully, they won't be the last brands to take this stance either. We will continue to update this post as more brands come forward, so watch this space. 

UPDATE, Wednesday, Oct. 25, 11:49 a.m.: Though Prabal Gurung has not hired Richardson for campaign work himself, the vocal New York-based designer has denounced both the photographer and the broader fashion industry's previous tendency to turn a blind eye toward his behavior. In a lengthy Instagram caption of an image that reads, "We all have voices. We all matter. What will you say?", Gurung wrote, in part: 

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It is important that we hold everyone accountable who worked with Terry Richardson. Not to shame them, but to understand the intention & motive behind their decision to turn a blind eye to his horrific actions. Clearly they cannot say they didn’t know, because we all knew. Every publication who hired him, every stylist who worked with him, every agency who sent models on his shoot, even the UPS delivery man knew.

And I knew too. I have to admit that I heard the stories. I always knew them to be more than just rumours or industry gossip. While I never directly worked with him for one of my own shoots, I knew the truth. I shared it on my Facebook, retweeted some articles and followed the “slactivism” route (of which we all are guilty) but never truly engaged in the conversation. Never spoke up. So why, when so many of us know the same horrific truth, does it take us so long to get here?

You can read Gurung's full statement on his Instagram.

UPDATE, Wednesday, Oct. 25, 1:23 p.m.: On Wednesday, Diesel became the latest brand to cut ties with Richardson, providing the following statement to the Daily Beast:

I can confirm to you that we are not collaborating with Terry Richardson for the Diesel campaign, and also that we don’t have plans to work with him.

We've reached out to a Diesel spokesperson for comment.

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