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The $5 Drugstore Hair Mask That Makes Steph's Hair Soft and Shiny

Five. Dollars.
Tresemmé Expert Repair & Protect Instant Recovery Mask, $4.99, available here.

Tresemmé Expert Repair & Protect Instant Recovery Mask, $4.99, available here.

I have super fine hair, and I put it through plenty of abuse — you know, heat styling, bleaching, heat styling some more, the usual suspects — so every so often I like to give it a bit of coddling. I've never really been devoted to any specific hair mask (I'm generally much pickier about what goes on my skin than I am about what goes on my hair), but I'll reach for whatever has landed on my desk most recently. When the PR fates placed Tresemmé's Expert Repair & Protect Instant Recovery Mask in my path (or, my shower, more literally speaking), I found myself pleasantly surprised by how soft and shiny it left my hair — without weighing it down.

I'm a firm believer that products don't need to be pricey to be effective, and this mask is living proof of exactly that. A giant tub sells for under $5, so it's about as accessible as it gets, but nothing about the dense, creamy formula feels the least bit cheap. It contains lactic acid to smooth hair and glycerin to condition, and while it doesn't contain much in the way of flashy hero ingredients, a five-minute treatment with it while I go about the rest of my showering business leaves my crazy soft once I rinse it out, and it seems better prepared to deal with further abuse in its future. The scent, a pleasantly sweet floral vanilla that's nowhere near as saccharine as it sounds, is also a big pro for me. And did I mention: It costs less than $5? Yep. You're welcome.

Tresemmé Expert Repair & Protect Instant Recovery Mask, $4.99, available here

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