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Here Is an Incredible Video of Anna Wintour Speaking Her Mind on 'Vice'

"Bros? Bad shirts? Subculture?"

On Thursday, a slightly puzzling press release hit the Fashionista inbox, announcing a forthcoming editorial collaboration between Vogue and Vice, set to launch in 2018. Currently dubbed "Project Vs," the 100-day, multi-platform partnership will consist of content produced by editors from both titles, and will "showcase figures, movements and issues making an impact on society today, with each week highlighting a different theme," according to an official statement. 

Of course, we had many questions: How do the editors at Vice-owned, fashion-focused publications i-D and Garage feel about this? Will this odd pairing of massive media forces yield the most expensive, visually stunning #SponCon in history? Are Vogue and Vice going to make merch out of their amazing mash-up logo (see below)? And, most importantly, did Anna Wintour actually have to go to the Vice offices in Brooklyn?

While most of these will likely remain a mystery for some time, a new video provides our last inquiry with an answer — well, sort of. In the incredible clip, Wintour plays an (extremely staged) game of word association on the topic of Vice, and her first impressions of the Williamsburg-based media giant are exactly what we expected they'd be. "Parts of Brooklyn I've never been to. Beards. Bros... Bad shirts?," she reads from a list, before arriving at items she refuses to even address. It's as great as it sounds, so give it a watch above.

And, Team Vogue, if there is #merch in our future, we'd like to reserve some now.

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Photo: "Vogue"

Photo: "Vogue"

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