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The Matisse-Inspired Earrings Whitney's Obsessing Over

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Coba mobile earrings, $240, available at Wkndla

Coba mobile earrings, $240, available at Wkndla

There are many benefits to being a woman with a shaved head: showering suddenly becomes very quick; bad hair days essentially disappear; spending money on the salon is a thing of the past as long as you (or a generous friend) own clippers. But one of the small pleasures I have enjoyed the most since I first bid adieu to my hair has been the excuse to wear fun earrings constantly. Having had long, very thick hair that I refused to put up or tie back for most of my life, I was used to earrings getting tangled in my curls or simply getting lost, to the point that I stopped wearing them entirely. Now, I wear earrings more days than not, and I like 'em big as they come.

It is perhaps understandable, then, that I freaked out about these mobile earrings from Wkndla as soon as I saw them. They're big but still kinda delicate! They match but they're asymmetrical, which is my current earring MO! They don't look like a million things out there already! The shapes are inspired by Matisse, which reminds me of both the first art history class I took with a favorite professor and of my college friend Amy's gorgeous quilts! These earrings do admittedly cost more than I can really budget for jewelry expenditures this month/ever, but they're ethically made and pretty much perfect in my opinion, so I'll be over here salivating for the foreseeable future.

Coba mobile earrings, $240, available at Wkndla.

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