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Alexa Chung's 'Hot Ones' Episode Is 24 Minutes of Fashion-Nerd Delight

"Do you think I'll die?" she asks while discussing such life experiences as getting fired from a DJ set by Kate Moss.

In this house, we at Fashionista very healthily worship Alexa Chung, and have since at least 2009, when the then-26-year-old "It" Brit moved to New York to host MTV's "It's On With Alexa Chung." We've chronicled the ebbs and flows of her career with as much precision as we have the designers of major fashion houses, from her Longchamp campaigns to her book launches to her makeup lines to, most recently, her eponymous fashion brand

You can imagine our delight, then, when we learned late last month that Chung had joined host Sean Evans on an upcoming episode of First We Feast's "Hot Ones," in which Evans interviews guests while eating progressively spicier chicken wings. (In the interests of journalistic integrity, we should report that Chung, who is a vegetarian, ate vegan nuggets.) Well, my friends, patience is a virtue, and that episode is finally here!

As it turns out, Evans is an enormous Chung fan himself, telling her at the start of the interview that "Hot Ones" is partly based on work she did in her early career, even going so far as to call her the "patron saint" of the episode. And, we get it: Chung is an excellent interviewer herself, but as per our speculation, she's also an excellent interviewee, using her 24 minutes of air time to rehash some of her more enlightening life experiences, like getting fired from a DJ set by Kate Moss at a Fendi party and feeling "like a piece of shit" having to corral celebrities while hosting the Golden Globes red carpet in 2011. At one point, Evans asked about the one thing that's "really as bad in the fashion industry as everyone says it is," to which the former model replies, "photographers being creepy," explaining: "It's always a little bit of a weird transaction, maybe. It can't not be," she said. "Because you're being observed and captured for a purely visual asset and they're the ones doing it." 

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You can watch all 24 minutes of Chung's long-awaited "Hot Ones" episode above.

Homepage photo: @seanseaevans/Instagram

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