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Bullett Media Is Shutting Down

The publication and media company bid the world adieu with a salty farewell letter that dragged Trump, Refinery29 and "Tumblr-girls-turned-Instagram-girls."
Photo: Bullett Media

Photo: Bullett Media

It's not an easy season for media companies: this fall, both Teen Vogue and Nylon announced that they would be shuttering their print operations. On Monday, another one bit the dust: Bullett Magazine. Only this time it's not just print that's saying goodbye; it's the whole media company.

Known for its smart and (sometimes cuttingly) honest tone, boundary-pushing fashion editorials and cool cover stars, Bullett was a haven for up-and-coming talent. Since the print magazine's original founding in 2010, Bullett the magazine expanded to become Bullett Media, a "transmedia" company that operated in a variety of mediums with a print component available in 12 countries. Its content ranged from an insightful piece on "ghetto fabulous" cultural appropriation to a video of model Chanel Iman "seductively torturing" a cheating ex to a David Foster Wallace-referencing manifesto on what fashion criticism should be. 

Along the way, Bullett created a niche following amongst young, on-the-fringe cool kids — kids much like the founders themselves, who were still in their early twenties when they started the publication. 

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Those kids weren't enough to keep Bullett alive indefinitely, but the publication is going out just like it came in: with in-your-face-opinions in the form of a snarky farewell letter ("journalism is becoming a form of sedation. Thus, our competition... Tumblr-girls-turned-Instagram-girls and their cyber-goth selfies, Refinery29") and a small but dedicated group of people who love it (numerous "eulogies" for the publication were penned by friends of Bullett who work at Interview, Sotheby's, Condé Nast's creative team and more).

RIP, Bullett. We hope that all goes well for you in media afterlife.

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