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21 Chic, Weatherproof Boots That You'll Want To Wear In and Out of The Snow

No moon boots or duck shoes here.
Photo: @nyavgjoe/Instagram

Photo: @nyavgjoe/Instagram

Last February, a snowstorm hit New York City leaving its inhabitants to trudge through inches of sludge, but by a strange coincidence, the cold-weather storm struck on the first day of New York Fashion Week, which meant that the fashion tribe was forced to gingerly navigate the icy streets. 

This fateful day also happened to be one of my first run-ins with serious winter. Having come from Texas, I'm not properly equipped to deal with anything other than a heavy rain shower, so I assumed that such a mess of ice and slush would require the Gucci-clad editors, models and various bloggers to forgo fashionable footwear for the not-so-cute all-weather waterproof boot. But instead, the international tastemakers made their way to the front row in platform booties, white sneakers and even some stilettos. I tried the bootie thing, and unless I'm satisfied with crawling on the ground to avoid slipping and killing myself, then those shoes aren't going to cut it. 

Since I refuse to get any ankle, hip, neck or full-body injuries from wearing improper shoes during winter's inevitable flareups, I've set out to find practical snow boots that aren't heinous iterations of clunky fishermen's shoes, moon boots or duck feet. And I think I've succeeded.

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