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Cyber Monday Just Keeps on Breaking Its Own Online Sales Record Every Year

We spent almost $1 billion more online compared to 2016.
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Buy! Buy! Buy! Photo: @meohmygirl/Instagram

Buy! Buy! Buy! Photo: @meohmygirl/Instagram

It seems like Thanksgiving weekend is almost always dedicated to eating leftovers and getting a head start on holiday shopping. And while we were in a bit of a post-turkey daze at the beginning of this week, that still didn't stop us from taking advantage of the hundreds of Cyber Monday sales at our fingertips. In fact, every year the U.S. breaks its own record for online shopping sales, according to Adobe, with Nov. 27, 2017 now being considered the largest online shopping day in history. Compared to last year's Cyber Monday, shoppers spent a record $6.59 billion online, which is a 16.8-percent jump from 2016 and almost a billion dollars more. (On Cyber Monday 2016, online sales totaled $5.9 billion.)

Although mobile shopping slightly dropped last year, 2017 set a new record as mobile sales reached $2 billion in a day for the first time ever. Smartphones were the top choice for on-the-go shoppers, which accounted for 37.6 percent of retail visits and 21.3 percent of revenue. With Adobe tallying tablets for only 8.2 percent of retail visits and 9.1 percent of revenue, these gadgets are more commonly being used for entertainment and gaming, instead, like distracting a toddler with a Netflix stream of "Peppa Pig" as you shop for a new smart television on Amazon through your iPhone or desktop computer.

So far for the month of November, online shopping has totaled $50 billion — and with Adobe predicting that we surpass $100 billion of online sales this holiday season, we're well on our way to hitting that mark.

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