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Everything I Learned From Attending a Gigi Hadid Makeup Masterclass

There is no such thing as doing something half-assed in the land of Gigi Hadid.
Gigi Hadid for Maybelline. Photo: Courtesy of Maybelline

Gigi Hadid for Maybelline. Photo: Courtesy of Maybelline

Gigi Hadid isn't exactly the slacking type. The 22-year-old spends her downtime (if you can call it that) doing what, for anyone else, could be considered a full-time job. What, you don't partner with Tommy Hilfiger in your spare time to create three best-selling clothing collections? Weird.

In addition to being a card-carrying member of the first-name models' club (it's never a bad thing to be in the same crew as Cindy, Naomi and Claudia), a budding fashion designer and a genuinely lovely human person, Hadid also just happens to be a skilled makeup artist. She demonstrated this talent in front of a giant crowd of beauty editors and influencers from across the globe at a makeup masterclass alongside her BFF and tutor, makeup artist Erin Parsons.

The occasion was to mark Hadid's signature makeup line with Maybelline. Because, if she didn't already have enough going on, Hadid is also a spokesmodel for Maybelline and spent a full year developing her own collection alongside Parsons — who is Maybelline's global makeup artist. The line is deeply personal for Hadid and draws inspiration from the people and places that are near and dear to her heart.

"We wanted to do a collection that made sense for people who are maybe intimidated to do a full face of makeup every day," explains Hadid. "To make things more mixable and matchable and easy to use and wearable." Adds Parsons, "It's makeup made simple."

What that translates to is an expansive collection consisting of tinted primers, strobe creams, two mascaras, four shadow palettes, brushes, two black liners (a liquid and gel pencil), six lipsticks with matching lip pencils and a curated palette full of the products she says are her on-the-go makeup essentials. Clearly there is no such thing as doing something half-assed in the land of Gigi Hadid.

To simplify things, the Gigi x Maybelline has been divided into warm-toned products — called the West Coast Glow — and cool-toned makeup, aka East Coast Glam, that are true to Hadid's bi-Coastal lifestyle. As nude lipstick is Hadid's admitted can't-live-without-it product, that was the first item on her wishlist. The collaboration turned out three gorgeous nude hues, including Taura (named after Hadid's birth sign, Taurus), which she describes as her "favorite nude of all time."

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Second on her list was not a new product but one that already existed in Maybelline's collection: Fiber Lash Mascara. Though it was previously only available in Japan, Hadid's adoration for it was so great that she convinced the powers that be at Maybelline to bring it stateside. She's giving like that. Parsons had a quick tip for getting the most of the product, which was to apply the mascara before the fibers — it gives them something to stick to and ensures a fuller, thicker, clump-free look.

Both women admit that the biggest challenge for themselves in creating this line together was keeping things true to Hadid. "I am in love with makeup. I love trying everything and testing all of the cool colors," explains Hadid. "But we had to hold ourselves back and make something simple that made sense for who I am and the kind of makeup I do on myself."

That love of makeup was on full display at the event. Each model in the class had their faces half done, with Parsons finishing the look on stage to show the assembled beauty enthusiasts what products she used and how she used them. Hadid was downright gleeful watching her apply the makeup, eliciting a few squeals of delight, a few "majors," and proclamations of undying devotion to mascara.

At times during the masterclass, Parsons would hand the products off to Hadid to add to or finish the look. Apparently they do this method on their own every now and then, with Parsons doing one eye and Hadid replicating it on the other. But Hadid wasn't the only one getting a makeup lesson. "As a makeup artist you can learn from people who aren't pros and they will show you [new] things." She points to an occasion where she loved the way Hadid's face was glowing, only to find that she had used the same bronzing blush on her lids and cheeks. Or, as Hadid explains it, "I just use random shit for random shit."

Well, keep at it girl — we like where that randomness is taking us. 

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