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Harry Styles Leads a Cupcake War in the Gucci-Filled 'Kiwi' Video

Watching this will be the best three minutes of your week.

As I've expressed numerous times across social media and, probably, this very website, "Kiwi" is my favorite song off of Harry Styles's debut solo album, "Harry Styles." It sounds like a hot, sticky summer night when your hair's doing all the right things and you don't even realize how much tequila you've had, but you don't care. It provides the perfect two minutes and 56 seconds for you to jam out all over your apartment in the morning, or after work, or whenever you just want to blow off some steam. 

"Kiwi" is the best

Styles, apparently, agrees, and at his New York City show in September, told audiences that he was campaigning his label for it to be his next single. The crusade worked, and here we have it: a Gucci-filled "Kiwi" music video, which he officially dropped on Wednesday morning.

The lead up to its release was a tease: The song is rabidly sexy — the chorus literally consists of Styles screaming, "I'm having your baby!" — but the promotional imagery showed him with a classroom of schoolchildren. Uh, how would that work, exactly?

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Beyond its proclamations of coitus, "Kiwi" has anarchical undertones that provide the perfect backdrop for what is undoubtedly the most anarchical activity of childhood: a food fight. (It's a cute hat-tip to Styles's former life as a bakery employee, too.) A Gucci-clad Styles doesn't make an appearance until the last minute of the clip, but his mini-me, Beau, is a more-than-suitable substitute, absolutely running shit while wearing the same Gucci suit as he. While it appears as if Beau's (very diverse!) classmates — including Darmani, Olivia, Naomi and Grace — are wearing Gucci, as well, a spokesperson for the house was only able to confirm that Beau is in Gucci. Either way, the Gucci aesthetic is strong. Of course it is.

It's so fun, and so wholesome, and proves what we all already knew about Styles: You can be sweet and pure, and still be the most badass rockstar around.

Oh, and did I mention there are puppies?  

Homepage photo: Kevin Mazur/Getty Images for Sony Music

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