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How to Wear a Long Belt Like a Street Style Pro

There are infinite ways to play with the extra length.
Photo: Imaxtree 

Photo: Imaxtree 

Ever since a myriad of "It" brands like Off-White introduced extremely long, caution tape-like industrial belts in recent seasons, the accessory has become the pant-tightening equivalents to Fruit by the Foot — they go on and on and on. Some long belts hit just above the knee, while others are ludicrously long ankle-grazers that look like a literal punctuation mark to an outfit. So, what's one to do with this superfluous canvas or one-inch leather string? Does it just hang idly by our side like a mini crossbody bag?  

While it may not be the most functional garment, designers and street style stars think it deserves a rightful spot wrapped around blazers, trenches, high-waisted pants, billowy dresses and all kinds of denim. 

The good thing is there are infinite ways to play with the extra length — you can put on the belt like you would normally and let the rest all hang out, or you can take the tail end and loop it across the belt buckle and tuck it behind the belt giving the remaining length a little less room to flop around. And for fans of the now-infamous Off-White piece, Virgil Abloh released an Instagram how-to video, which shows exactly how to style the logo webbed industrial belt. Then again, the super-flare New York Fashion Week-goer pictured above tied it her own way, so you can really do whatever you so please with the extra feet of fabric. 

Ahead, find various ways to style a super-long belt, whether you want to wear it over a coat or a loose-fitted dress to accent your waist, or you simply want to throw it on over a pair of baggy jeans. 

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With a Coat 

Come winter, we tend to resemble shapeless, colorless bundles of insulation. Belting a coat at the waist can redefine your shape — which has been lost under multiple layers — and can visually break up what's typically a large, camel-colored expanse of wool. We recommend choosing a long texturized belt in a color or pattern that contrasts your outerwear. 

With Pants 

The super-long belt works just as your standard belt would with pants, fitting perfectly in those belt loops or resting nicely on top. Upon observing various champions — ahem, Rihanna — of the accessory trend, an extra-long, one-inch belt works well when paired with exaggerated denim and pant styles including baggy silhouettes, wide-leg flares and trousers with bold details

With a Dress 

When worn over a roomy ruffled, floral or patterned dress, a long belt — especially one of the wide leather variety — can add a cool touch and tone the femme vibes down a notch, and when cinched at the waist will accentuate your figure. For a more modern update on a '70s-inspired maxi, try swapping out traditional belt buckles for oversize silver rings. 

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