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Anna Faris Gets a Side Gig at Zabar's in Kate Spade's Latest 'Miss Adventure'

And Rosie Perez charms a meter-maid!

In Kate Spade New York's running series, "Miss Adventure," Hollywood starlets have found themselves in some seriously wacky scenarios. There was that time Miss Piggy and Zosia Mamet showed up to a party in the same outfit, Anna Kendrick and Gloria Steinem shared dessert at the Russian Tea Room, and Lola Kirke and Kat Dennings shared a girls' weekend away. 

For the 2017 winter season, the series continues with Anna Faris and Rosie Perez on their way to a holiday party. Faris has to swing by New York institution Zabar's to pick up the party platter, and everything starts to spiral from there. While Faris pretends to be a Zabar's employee, Perez has to deal with Rita, the meter-maid. It's a really cute and charming way to sell the Resort 2017 collection, which features throughout the video. 

See the latest "Miss Adventure" from Kate Spade New York in full above. 

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