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The Affordable, Ethically Made Turtleneck Whitney Wants Four Of

From a kickass, social-good-promoting company.
Fitted turtleneck, $45, available at Kotn

Fitted turtleneck, $45, available at Kotn

As an ethical fashion proponent, I hate to admit this, but it's true: finding clothing that's both ethically sourced and actually affordable is pretty tough outside of thrift stores. Like most people who are trying to be intentional with their shopping habits, I am willing to pay more than fast fashion prices for a garment; I understand that it's impossible to treat people and the planet well and still come out with $5 dresses. But that doesn't mean I have thousands of dollars to spend on my wardrobe.

That's why I get so excited when I find brands like Kotn. The label is raising the bar for what it means to create "ethical fashion" by working closely with farmers and factory workers in Egypt to ensure fair wages and working conditions. It's B Corp certified (a distinction it shares with the likes of Patagonia and Eileen Fisher) and is investing in literacy and education projects in the areas where it produces. And, on top of all that, it makes beautifully simple basics that I can actually afford to buy. First on my list? Kotn's fitted turtleneck, which I want in every color so I can wear some version of it all winter long. At a sweet $45, that doesn't seem like such a bank-breaking proposal.

Fitted turtleneck, $45, available at Kotn

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